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Review for "Pocahontas Dress in Green"

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Jan. 2nd, 2012 | 03:05 pm
posted by: yorkiiex in tempomart

Review for Ashleysinn.wordpress.com

Just yesterday, the owner of AS passed me this dress which is available in Collection 7 for review.
She told me that the forest green color will flatter my fair skin, and deep inside I really hope so because if this dress looks like shit on me, then there's this even higher possibility that no one will buy it after seeing me in it.

Frankly speaking, this dress is much too demure and princess-like for my taste.
So I will probably never buy a dress like this if I see it online or in brick-and-motar shops.

Nonetheless, this dress is beautiful in many ways.
Featuring flattering pleats which elongates your body,
it comes with a free braided belt which I can see myself matching with my other outfits frequently.

This dress will fit all sizes - it hangs shapeless on its own, but with the braided belt, one can cleverly tuck in the appropriate amount of cloth so that the dress will hug your PTP area in a flattering way. It comes with attached inner lining, hence you girls don't have to worry about it being sheer or whatsoever.

Quality-wise I'll say its quite worth the money, the chiffon is a little rough but the pearly lining is cool and comfortable on the skin.
Anyway rough chiffon is pretty much the least of my worries, I mean not as if like I will scratch myself if I accidentally brush my arm against my dress LOL. (yeah it is just like a little rough, not like sandpaper kind of rough)

All in all I will recommend this buy for the girls whom obsess about chiffon, girly dresses, want a unique color in your cupboard, or just looking for something work-appropriate.
This dress pretty much reaches my knees so it is not too short for work.

The forest green color is very rich and beautiful in reality. The owner of AS is right too, the rich forest green emphasized on my fair skin even more. It is a very mysterious and classic color & I see myself reaching out for this on a date with my boyfriend (but I haven't found one yet, so I'll hang it in my cupboard first).
Or maybe I'll just wait till I start working later this year, this is just the perfect dress for work IMO.

Brings you out of your office and into a restaurant/movie swiftly without looking inappropriate in any ways.

Ok now traumatize yourself.

I know I am not a pretty-face but hey at least you get to see what the dress looks like on an average girl like me!

(I'm standing @ 1.57M, a small UK6)

Thanks for reading ! ^^

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